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Live, Love, and Learn at Eden Farm’s Summer Horse Camp

Updated: Apr 3

The Best Summer Horse Camp in Ocala, Florida!

Experience summer horse camps at Eden Farm, where kids learn horsemanship skills and make new friends while you enjoy a well-deserved break! Located conveniently in town, our camp offers riding, grooming, and fun activities like water slides and pony painting. End the week with a mini horse show to showcase your child's skills. Check out our class schedules for availability. Join us for an unforgettable summer adventure at Eden Farm! (Class schedules are typically available by Thursday morning.)


The Benefits of Eden Farm's Summer Horse Camp

  • Teaches kids responsibility. At Eden Farm, kids experience the thrill of a hunter/jumper show barn while learning English riding basics and horse care. Our camps are perfect for horse enthusiasts to explore their passion and make lifelong friends. They also learn how to halter, lead, groom, bathe and safely handle the horses. Join us for a summer of fun and learning!

  • Enhances self-esteem. At our camp, mastering new tasks boosts children's self-esteem and confidence. We set age-appropriate goals, allowing kids to experience the joy of achievement. Whether it's mastering a posting trot or completing a grooming task, each accomplishment teaches valuable life skills that will benefit them beyond the camp. Join us and watch your child thrive!

  • Aids in fitness. Riding a horse is a full-body workout! Every muscle from your core to your arms, legs, back, and neck is engaged as you adjust your body to the horse's movements. This constant motion improves balance, increases blood flow, and gets your heart pumping. Join us for a ride and feel the benefits for yourself!

  • Requires focus and attention to detail. Interacting with horses teaches children to focus on the present moment. Riding requires their full attention—no texting or tweeting allowed! With hands on the reins, seat in the saddle, and mind on the task, controlling an 800+ pound horse demands concentration and mindfulness. Join us for a horseback ride and experience the power of being fully present!

  • Offers a non-digital way to engage their minds and bodies. Interacting with horses teaches kids vital life skills. Horses have personalities and moods, requiring children to communicate effectively, read body language, and establish authority. Unlike video games, horses offer immediate, real-world feedback, fostering empathy and responsibility. Join us for a transformative experience at our camp, where kids learn from the best—our beloved horses!

Explore various experience levels in our camps, catering to both absolute beginners and those seeking more advanced riding skills. Summer horse camp provides an excellent introduction to a new sport for beginners, allowing them to immerse themselves in the enjoyment of working with horses. Children with a passion for horses can establish a strong foundation and make informed decisions about their future involvement through a week-long immersion in the equestrian world.

~ Watch to see THE EDEN FARM SUMMER CAMP Experience ~

A Certified & Experienced Instructor

Megan is a USHJA (United States Hunter Jumper Association) Certified Trainer. Plus, as a mother of three, she knows what it takes to inspire (and tire!) kids. Summer camps are a decade-long tradition here at Eden Farm, and they fill up fast. Call today!

Our 2024 Sessions are:

Summer Beginner Camp 1 June 3-7

Summer Camp Advanced June 17-21

Summer Mini Camp June 26-28

Summer Beginner Camp 2 July 15-19

Summer Camp 1 & 2 hours are 9:00 am to 3:00 pm Monday -Thursday and Friday, 9:00 am to 12:00 pm.

Send in registration form/flyer with parents’ name and cell number to reserve your spot.

You can email to Megan will send you a Quickbooks invoice for the $75 deposit to reserve your spot and then another invoice for the final payment.

Total cost is $600 per student for the weeks camp. The Summer Mini Camp total cost is $350. You may register for multiple weeks if desired. Download the Flyer below to sign up.

*Remember, experience is NOT required, and beginners are welcome! Please provide riding pants (more comfortable) or jeans (less comfortable), boots are preferred but sneakers are acceptable, and please send plenty of sunscreen. Also, send shorts to change into for the afternoon activities. Please send your camper’s snacks, water and lunch. On Wednesday, we’ll have the water slide, so please send a bathing suit and towel.

Contact Us Today! Sessions Fill Up Fast!

Call (352-572-7658) or text us today to find out more.



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