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The History

Eden Farm was founded in 1976, initially built by Gus and Mary Carolyn Galloway for all of their children to pursue their passion of horseback riding as a family in the hunter/jumper discipline. Megan Galloway outlasted all the siblings in the saddle and continued her passion and competed throughout her teenage years on the A circuit as a junior rider. Eden Farm is considered one of the oldest, heritage hunter/jumper farms in Marion County.  It has been the "go to" barn for children to get a taste of what it is to be a young, horse crazy kid in Ocala, Florida.  In the old days before social media, you could hear Eden Farm's name in passing at your local grocery store, church and other social activities.  

​The barn is so convenient that many mom's can drop off at the barn, go shopping, and still catch the end of a lesson! 


When Eden Farm began, SW 42nd street was a protected road and considered too beautiful to expand into a four-lane.  Megan grew up riding all her ponies out in the field by the road.  In the summers she would ride bareback with her friends, swim, play tennis on the family tennis court and ride three-wheelers. The Galloway homestead was a popular place to get a taste of the country lifestyle, when in reality it was only 10 minutes from the center of town. “It was a great way to grow up,” Megan says.

The Amenities

  • 8-stall barn on 30 acres

  • 3 two-acre paddocks with lush Bahia in summer, rye in winter

  • 2 pony paddocks kept short with limited grazing

  • Designated shady trail riding areas in the back of the farm

  • Large arena with courses and exercises updated bi-weekly

  • Large grass Jump field 

  • Air-conditioned tack room

  • Laundry with washer/dryer, freezer for ice boots

  • 3 wash stalls, 3 grooming stations

  • Shaded area for parents to watch lessons

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